officials are necessary in order to successfully hold our competitions each month. Each competition requires 9-12 officials and our annual Tournament requires even more. Here are the following monthly official volunteer positions.


Challenge Master

The Challenge Master supervises match play in each room. He or she is responsible for asking the questions and awarding the points, error, and fouls.


Recognition Judge (RJ)

The Recognition Judge oversees the operation of the quiz box and timer during the competition. When a Challenger jumps, activating the quiz box, the Recognition Judge will call out the team name and chair number and then activate the timer.


Scorekeeper (SK)

The Scorekeeper will officially record team time-outs, fouls, errors, points to the teams and the individual challengers. The official Scorekeeper will secure the signatures of each coach at the end of each competition. The Scorekeeper’s recorded points become official and cannot be changed unless a protest is logged at the end of the competition.



**If you are interested in volunteering as an official please contact**