Methods of Memorization Videos

Methods of Memorization – Introduction

At Teen Bible Challenge, we like to make memorizing Scripture both fun and simple. We understand that everyone has their own learning styles and ways that make memorizing easiest for them. Because of that, we have developed several methods of memorization that match up with different learning styles, in order to help each individual succeed in our program! Here is a list of our methods of memorization methods and how to implement them into your practices.

Methods of Memorization – Pause-Break Method

This method uses the natural pauses and breaks in a verse to the quizzer’s advantage. Split the verse up into natural sections.

Methods of Memorization – Write It-Say It

Some people memorize best by writing. If they can see themselves writing it, or if they feel the pattern of writing it, they will remember it. There are many different ways to do this.

Methods of Memorization – Eraser

In this method, write a verse on a black or whiteboard. After repeating the verse several times, erase keywords, and then try to say the verse again with the missing words.

Methods of Memorization – Echo

This method uses the power of repetition to help students memorize. Coaches say a phrase and the rest of the team say the phrase back. Keep repeating and echoing until the verse is learned.

Methods of Memorization – Scripture Round Robin

This method starts by putting all the students in a circle. This is a fun game where students say the verse around in circles until it is done accurately.

Methods of Memorization  – Verse Puzzle

This is a fun game to play with students- especially students who are very spatial or who like being active while learning. The verse will be broken up into many pieces and they will have to try to put it back together.

Methods of Memorization – TBC Drill

This is just a question and answer drill like would be done in a competition.

Methods of Memorization – King of the Hill

This method is student’s favorite most of the time. It is a game played by finding the KING of the hill who is a person who can continue to answer questions correctly.

Methods of Memorization – Quote and Shoot

This is another great method for bodily kinesthetic learners. In order to be able to shoot the ball- they must memorize the verse.

Methods of Memorization – Bounce It Out

This method also uses the natural rhythm of a bouncing ball to help students remember verses.

Methods of Memorization – Silly Song/Theme Song

Many students are musical learners. If you can sing it to a recognizable tune or even a brand new one, students will remember it. Each year TBC Inc. puts each of the quote verses for the year to song. These songs are available on our website.

Methods of Memorization – Actionary Drama

This method uses the art of acting and theater.

Methods of Memorization – Hot Potato Toss It

This is a fun game where students toss an object back and forth.

Methods of Memorization – Word/Phrase Relay Race

Here is another opportunity for students to be competitive with one another- a great motivation to memorize quickly. Students break into groups and have a relay race to see who can get the verse correct first.

Methods of Memorization – Association

This method is great for analytical and logical learners. Look for patterns, numbers, sounds,etc. that will help them memorize the verse.

Methods of Memorization – Emphasize

This uses the natural rhythm of the verse once again to help students. It’s very similar to other methods.

Methods of Memorization – Rap to a Beat

Instead of singing, use the rhythm to rap to a beat. It’s in the culture right now and very popular with the students. Rap also contains such negative connotation that it is good to redeem it by rapping Scripture verses.

Methods of Memorization – Sparkle

This game is a favorite among the teens. Students get a chair and place them in a circle. The first student says the reference and the verse continues around the circle. If a student gets it wrong they are out.

Methods of Memorization – Sparkle with a Twist

This is the same as above- however- there is a twist- opportunity to get back in the game!! 🙂