Pre-Competition Set Up

  1. 10 for KBC and 15 for TBC narrow hard-seated chairs in the front of each competition room
  2. 20 chairs for the audience in each competition room (if possible)
  3. 100 seats for the main meeting room (if possible)
  4. 1 long table per room for the officials & quiz box equipment per room; 3 chairs at the table for officials
  5. 1 table for registration by the main meeting room entrance
  6. 1-2 tables for refreshments
  7. Reserve the allotted number of rooms needed for the competition
  8. Provide refreshments
  9. Church doors to be open by 7:30 am for set-up
  10. Have available offering containers
  11. Provide ushers to take offering
  12. Recruit a clean up crew to ensure the church is cleaned up and put back in original order