slice1New for 2016 – TBC Mobile App

We are testing out a new TBC Mobile App for iOS and Android.

The first three features we decided to implement were:

  1. Daily Verses – to keep you up-to-date. Every day has it’s own verse, which is also linked to the questions from that verse
  2. Flashcards – Every KBC and TBC competition has a collection of Flashcards for every question and type – these are customizable so you can study all the questions, or just the types you are focusing on that day (e.g. Quotes, Generals, Multiple-Answer Questions, etc.)
  3. Sample Competitions – Experience what an actual match will be like – one per Competition.  These questions are in the order of an actual match, with special questions (like New Quizzer and Bonus Questions) highlighted so you will remember when they come.

Android App in Google Play

The Android app is available in Google Play for installation now

Help us Beta Test for Apple / iOS

The new iOS 10 and iPhone 7 came out right when we were launching, so Apple wants a little more work and testing before they accept the iOS app in their store.  but the first 100 people 🙂 can help us beta test the app, and get it right now.   There are a lot of different phones and tablets out there, so testing this as widely as possible will make the application as solid as it can be.  We plan to be in the various “AppStore” very soon, but if you are willing to help us out as we get there – we’d really appreciate it.