About TBC

Teen Bible Challenge is an organized Bible knowledge competition where different teams compete against each other once a month. Teams memorize new verses each month with fun and creative methods of memorization. Teen Bible Challenge is exciting!  Join us as we slip into the final competition of a league where two teams are tied for first place:

Tension is in the air as they face off for the tiebreaker.  The audience is silent.  Attention is focused on the platform.  Ten eager teens sit on their electronic-sensor-padded seats with every muscle strained.  Their eyes are focused on the Challenge Master as the tie-breaking question begins.  They concentrate on every word, trying to anticipate the question.  As soon as the key word is uttered, they begin to jump.  The Recognition Judge has been watching for the electronic keypad system to signal which quizzer jumped first.  Once determined, the judge announces the team and seat number of the first quizzer off the seat. As the clock nears the thirty-second time limit, the teen called upon gives the correct answer.  The crowd goes wild, cheers from parents, friends and teammates fill the room as the winning team screams and embraces one another.