Christian View of Competition

Is Competition Christian?  

This question is often asked of TBC.  As you read through the views below, we have addressed each world view with the Christian view of competition.

An individual’s worth is determined by his awards and achievements.

Christian View:  God unconditionally loves each person.

All of us must compete to prove our value.

Christian View:  We are all worth much to Christ and need to prove nothing. (Matthew 10:29-31)

The one who wins is most respected.

Christian View:  We are all equally important and necessary in the Body of Christ.

We must rely on our own strength in competition.

Christian View:  We can do all things through Christ’s strength.

You may need to “step on people” to reach your goal.

Christian View:  We must compete fairly and morally.

Losing is a personal failure and is to be avoided.

Christian View:  It is God’s will that we learn to grow through our losses.

A person competes for personal gain.

Christian View:  A Christian competes for personal improvement and to advance God’s kingdom.

The winner gains personal glory for his achievements.

Christian View:  A Christian attributes his success to God and gives Him the glory.

To compete successfully, one can have an animosity toward the opponent.

Christian View:  Cooperation and love are keys; we should rejoice in others’ victories.

Winning is defeating the opponent.

Christian View:  Winning is doing my best and leaving the rest to God.