Q. What is Teen Bible Challenge (TBC)?
A.    TBC is an inter-denominational organization that promotes scripture memory using fun techniques and competition.
Q. How does TBC work?
A.    All individuals memorize the same 24-28 new verses each month and come together six times during the school year for a competition.
Q. How does a competition work?

A.   Competition is set up in a question and answer format where quizzers are awarded the opportunity to answer by jumping off

electronically wired quiz pads.  Points are awarded for correct answers.

Q. When does the season begin and end?

A. The regular season begins in October and ends in March.  TBC (grades 6-12) consists of 6 monthly competitions.  KBC (grades 3-5) meet 4 times during the regular season.  In April, JUMP Tournment is an option for all TBC, KBC, family and friends that wish to participate.

Q. Can new teams join after the season begins?
A.    Yes.  New teams can join anytime during the regular season.
Q. How much Bible knowledge do I need to have in order to join?
A.    None.
Q. What translation of the Bible is used?
A.    The 2011 copyright edition of the New International Version (NIV)
Q. Who is eligible to participate on a team?
6th-12th grade for TBC.  Kids Bible Challenge (KBC) is also available for grades 3-5.
Q. How many people per team
A team will consist of 1-2 adult coaches with a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 5 for both KBC/TBC.
Q. How much time commitment does it take to participate as a coach or quizzer?
A.   Approximately 8-10 hours a month.  (Four 2-hour practices and the competition every month).
Q. How do I get started?

A.   Contact:  Les Johnson, National Director  at 616-690-2499