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We are excited for this year’s Jump Tournament. See information below and for questions, contact


Tournament 2014

Jump Flier

April 26, 2014 8:00 AM
Romans 1-11
Teams will consist of 3 or 4 quizzers ranging from 2nd grade to adult. Every team must have at least one Green Quizzer and no more than two Blue Quizzers. Blue and Red Quizzers are not required.
Green- A friend from school or church who has never participated in ‘Jump’ Bible quizzing before. This quizzer must be in 2nd – 12th grade.
Red – An adult (18+) including parents, past quizzers, pastors, college students, etc.
Blue- A person with past quizzing experience (under 18)
Registration Fee – $10/person – Bring registration fee on April 26
~Door Prize
~Quiz Out – for those who answer three questions correct during a match
~Green Quizzer – For a green quizzer who participates
~Blue/Red Quizzer – For a blue/red quizzer who brings a green quizzer to participate
~Green Quizzer Answers – A drawing for Green Quizzers who answer a question during Tournament matches
~Spirit Prices – Best Team Name, Best Mascot, Best Dressed – officials will vote for spirit prizes

Jump Material

Jump 2014 Types

Jump 2014 Verses